Thursday, March 31, 2005

Laguna, sandy diaper, and a Hero all in a days work!

Well as you can see below, I had a crazy day filled with meetings at Laguna. My wife saved Connors life, and they decided to come for a visit! Long drive back to Corona, but it's worth it. I put 134 miles on my car today, and I'm still averaging 48 mpg!!! Toyota Prius is the best car ever! Not everyone can pull of the tough and hard image that is required when driving such muscle cars as the Prius. But as you all know, I have a huge ego, and the best part about me is my fantastic sense of humility. All of this combined make me the best candidate for the Prius, so watch out, my tough "Grandma Quilt Blue" vehicle of death may come marching near your town, so you better stay out of my way!

This shot came out better than I thought it would. And people say smog is so horrible, look at what it does for the sunset! Posted by Hello

Megan and a mouth full of apple. Posted by Hello

Connor loves the sand, and it was clear when we changed his diaper at the car. Posted by Hello

My Wife The Hero

Today Jenny saved Connors life. Apparently he swallowed a marble, and started to panic. Jenny looked in his mouth and couldn't see anything so she started to do the Heimlich maneuver, but remembered that on little kids it doesn't work so well. So she turned him upside down and smacked him hard on the back a few times, and the marble dropped out! Connor is doing just fine, and we all went about our day. I'm so glad my wife took those CPR classes! I love you Jenny!

Here's the last photo I took this morning from my phone. These are just another reason we love living in CA! The weather, and that my family came down after my last meeting and we cruised around on the beach. I'll post photos from that later. Posted by Hello

This is the view from the meeting room. Posted by Hello

I had a work meeting today at Laguna Beach. Today was just awesome, check out these basic photos from my phone. Posted by Hello

Monday, March 28, 2005

Here's more family photos, this time we are visiting Jenny's parents. Jan, and Jon, if you haven't noticed they ran out of 'J' names and decided to name their youngest Scott. Posted by Hello

More Hop on Scott! Posted by Hello

Attack Uncle Scott! Posted by Hello

Apparently this is the cool way to stand when you are 5, oh yeah and you're a girl. Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

After dinner we all wanted to play with the babbies. Fun was had by all, even my chin took a turn feeding the baby. Posted by Hello

On the way home Aaron kept bragging about how tough and strong he was. I bet him 100 fat ones he couldn't do 3 pull ups. Here's proof he could do one; he started to cry during the second attempt. NOW PAY UP SUCKA!
 Posted by Hello

I think Connor was more interested in watching other kids pick stuff up. He must have walked past nineteen eggs. I wasn't much help since I was filming, you know the story, and you can't catch the best shot if you don't leave the camera rolling! Posted by Hello

Apparently Ethan was done getting his photo taken today. Cry baby cry, is what I say, so I took the picture anyway! Posted by Hello

Let's not forget Mimi and the kids. Posted by Hello

Trying to take a photo of four kids while there are hundreds of other kids being yelled at, not to mention the thousands of Easter Eggs just out of reach, make's it impossible to get them to look and smile at the camera at the same time! Posted by Hello

Monkey boy Ethan would not smile for the camera, however Aaron and Sarah sure did, I felt like a paparazzi. Posted by Hello

Today our neighborhood held an Easter egg hunt. It was tons of fun, hundreds of kids being screamed at to calm down. I love parenthood! Posted by Hello

Last night the kids played together so well. Posted by Hello

Let's start today's posts with a photo of the elusive Jagular. Nova the skittish cat, hoping Hearty doesn’t lurk around the next corner.
 Posted by Hello

Friday, March 25, 2005

Here we go again, she loves getting those bubbles, and the kids just die laughing at her, it's so cute! Posted by Hello

The kids love blowing bubbles, and Hearty loves popping them. Posted by Hello

She always looks so curiously at me when I hold a camera, and when I squat down to snap a photo, she lays down. This shot took me nine times to get. Posted by Hello

I wonder what Hearty is doing under the bed? Then we hear MEOW!!! and HISSS! Next thing we know, Nova is running out of the room, and her tail is as big as a chimney sweep. Good dog... Posted by Hello

I told Mark that I was going to put this photo on the web when I took it. He said he would kill me. Well in order to kill me he will have to come for a visit. Now here is one more excuse to get over here. Laura, sorry no pictures of you, but there's always next time! Posted by Hello