Saturday, June 25, 2005

Last Saturday was Payton's Birthday. Payton is Bill and Tara's (Tara not pictured). Here's Megan trying to not blow the candles out too. Posted by Hello

Payton jumping real high! Bill and Tara just found out they are having TWINS! Posted by Hello

Megan and Jenny just before the show! Such a cute bunch, good thing I went bald after we got married. Had I lost my hair first, who knows what would have happend... Posted by Hello

Megan getting ready for her first, maybe her last dance recital. Posted by Hello

"The sun will come out.. Tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar, that Tomorrow..." I never understood that lyric. Who cares though, Megan had fun singing and dancing. Posted by Hello

You may not be able to tell from this photo, but Megan almost knew all the steps to each performance. After she was done, she said "Now I don't have to dance any more!" Posted by Hello

Apparently it's a natural instinct to open your mouth when feeding someone food. Jenny and I couldn't stop laughing about it. Posted by Hello

Megan had Sabrina spend the night. They had the most fun. They even found time to play with Connor. Posted by Hello

Connor is almost ready to ride the bike. Hmm, something is wrong with the helmet. Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Limburgs go to Sequoia and Kings Canyon! Escape being eaten by a bear, and avoid a rattlesnake bite all in a week's vacation!

We decided to go to Sequoia National Park for our vacation this year May 31st through June 5th. It was awesome, and probably the most enjoyable trip I've ever taken. The kids had tons of fun, and we took plenty of photos. I sorted through the 176 photos, and I've posted the ones I liked the best. If you'd like to see more, let me know, and you can come over for a slide show, I will begin the slide show from day one. In the beginning...

Enjoy the photos of our trip!

Dad and Connor taking a rest after unpacking the car. Posted by Hello

Connor throwing rocks into the river. Posted by Hello

First day at our camp sight. We took a little walk. Sequoia is an awesome place! Posted by Hello

My new desk top photo of the kids. They loved playing with the hammock. Many fights ensued as to who was there first, or whose spot it is. Posted by Hello

Mini John Muir Posted by Hello

Dad and Connor. In the shade my forehead doesn't shine so much. Posted by Hello

The family shot starting out on the trail to Takopa Falls. Posted by Hello

Jon and Scott, or as they came to be known on this trip, the Boda-bag Brothers. Posted by Hello

Wetting the feet after the hike. Posted by Hello

Pre-Takopa Falls. Posted by Hello

The hike to Tokopa Falls, even the kids thought it was beautiful. Posted by Hello

Takopa Falls. Posted by Hello

I saved the seeds from this, and planted them in your yard. Posted by Hello

Crescent Meadow. Posted by Hello

Insert your own caption here. Posted by Hello

On our hike in Crescent Meadow, we ran into a Cub, and it's mother. Megan was in the lead, and noticed it first. The cub was no less than 15 feet from the trail. Posted by Hello