Sunday, September 25, 2005

We missed Samantha this game, we needed her too. The other team provided us with our first loss. From the left we have, Caitlyn and her Dad Chris (assistant Coach), Irene, Megan, Audrey and her Dad Jeff (Coach), and Jaiden. Posted by Picasa

GOAL! Posted by Picasa

Irene and Caitlyn chasing after the ball for a score! Posted by Picasa

Caitlyn can kick the ball all the way down the field. Unfortunatly for us, the girl on the left (Lopez) scored 5 goals in the first half. Posted by Picasa

Irene is the one girl on Megan's team who completely understands defense. If I had a faster camera you would see a photo of her clearing the ball away from our goal. Posted by Picasa

We over heard the girls saying... "I like your shoes, hey cute hair..." I don't think they were even looking at the ball. Posted by Picasa

The barfing bunny farm!

Megan finally earned a trip to the bunny farm! The day started out well, as you can see from the soccer photos above, Megan had a good time. Connor ate a good lunch and devoured half a bag of Cheetos, which was ultimately his undoing. We took the Ortega Hwy to the bunny farm, it's a nice winding road. Unfortunately for Connor it made him sick, so... You guessed it, CHEETO BARF all over in the back seat of my car. Gotta love that. It took us 1/2 an hour to clean it up.

Then to top off the day, Megan had an allergic reaction to the horses.

Megan earned a trip to the bunny farm. We decided to use a Reward card of sorts to help teach her how to behave well. So far it has worked ok, she earned this trip here. Look how happy she is. Good job Megan! Posted by Picasa

Luckily we didn't have to tell Connor not to kick the bunnies this time. He just wanted to hold them. Posted by Picasa

Megan and a Guinea pig. Posted by Picasa

Look how happy Megan is on this beast. No wonder she clops around the house pretending she is a horse. I love that smile. Posted by Picasa

This photo was taken 5 min after she rode the horse. It's ironic, since she loves horses so much. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 10, 2005

It's Soccer time!

Today was Megan's first soccer game! They have a great coach, and I think the girls are understanding how the game works. They play well together, and some even understand defense.

Megan, Audrey and Irene before the game. I tried to get all the girls together, but I had neither the time, nor the patience to make that happen today. Maybe next time... Posted by Picasa

The opening kick off! Well who knows when I took this photo, it just looks good, the ball is in the air, and Jaiden looks like she's going in for the kill! Posted by Picasa

Here's a good shot, check out Caitlyn's look of determination, as she heads for the ball! Posted by Picasa

Here goes Megan in for another goal! Posted by Picasa

Caitlyn cuts right, and stops the ball from going out of bounds! Posted by Picasa

WATER BREAK! Posted by Picasa

Even though we weren't keeping score, Megan reminded us that she made 4 goals! I should try and teach her how to keep track of assists, and blocks too. Really all she really needs to remember is NO MERCY! Posted by Picasa

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sea World!

We decided to go to San Diego for the Labor Day weekend. It was Connors first trip to Sea World, and everyone had tons of fun!

Flippy. Posted by Picasa

Connor and one eyed Flippy the dolphin. Posted by Picasa

Megan, Dolphin torso, and Connors elbow. Posted by Picasa

Flamingos! Posted by Picasa

Jenny and the kids under a Manatee. Posted by Picasa

Megan and her favorite animal on earth. Posted by Picasa

Uh, you got any fish? Posted by Picasa