Friday, October 12, 2012

Tea Partaaaay

The weather has finally cooled down and the neighborhood girls decided to have an outdoor tea party.  What's on the menu?  Traditional high tea eats including: ramen, limeade, apples and oreos.
I've been trying to catch up on our pictures for quite a while now.  Daniel found a way to help me: he erased all the pics on my phone.  Yes, it's depressing.  But hey, I'm all caught up now.  No more excuses.

Balboa Beach

For fall break, we headed to Cali for the weekend.  Balboa beach was beautiful.  The waves were huge and Daniel laughed and laughed while poor Connor was pounded.

The Pump Track at McDowell Mountain

Saturday will loaded up all the kids and all the bikes and headed to McDowell Mountain.  We had the pump track to ourselves which was really fun.  It was hot though.  

Megan's first girl's camp

I was SO excited for Megan to go to Girl's Camp.  I have such great memories of my camp trips.  She had a wonderful time and camp back tired, happy, and dirty.  

4th of July

Watching fireworks at Ahwatukee Park.  I think this was the first year we didn't have a lightning storm during the fireworks.  It was hot, but still fun. 

Saguaro Lake

Only 45 minutes from our house there are lakes and rivers.  I had no idea.  You can also go tubing down the Salt River and the water is actually cold!  So nice to find a way to cool off during the 115 degree heat.