Friday, May 27, 2005

Apparently every toy car we had in the house needed an oil change. Posted by Hello

Why won't they go to sleep?

Some how these kids convinced us that it was a good idea to play outside before bed... Maybe next time we will stick to our guns and read books.

Hmm, they look like their ready for bed, but they aren't going to sleep. No amount of shaking and spanking would convince them that it's time to sleep. Posted by Hello

Crazy Megan on the swing Connor style. Posted by Hello

Here's Connor swinging fortunately for you, you can't hear him screaming "IS THIS FUN?!?!... IS THIS FUN?!?! DADDY? IS THIS FUN?!?! Posted by Hello

Magically the turtle sand box turns into a wade pool, which then quickly turns into a sudsy mess due to an entire bottle of bubbles. Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

National Bike to Work Day activities! May 19, 2005

Shimano had some cool activities for us. We had an excellent breakfast, and in the afternoon we had big wheel races on Green Machines! We had 65 people who biked to work; I hope that wins the industry competition this year.

I was robbed for the win just before the finish line, as Rob spun out in front of me. Posted by Hello

Momo takes the lead over Sharon on the last turn! Posted by Hello

Fujita ready at the starting line. Posted by Hello

Momo resting in her shade box before the final race. Posted by Hello

Second place went to Chad. He got sabotaged at the start of the race. Posted by Hello

Momo was the ultimate Champion! Posted by Hello

On tuesdays at our local Chic-fil-a they have family night where the kids eat free with any combo meal. It's cool they have fun activities for the kids, and of course the Cow. This weeks activity was face painting. Posted by Hello

Megan the real Potato head. Posted by Hello

Limburgs go to Disneyland!

One good thing about having a sibling work for the entertainment giant Disney, is that we get into Disneyland for free! Courtney got us tickets so we went on Wednesday after work. It was great, and the new fireworks show is crazy!

It's a small world, and the family. Sorry that my head reflects the light, and cast a shadow on my family. Maybe a hat would have been a good idea. Any who, Disneyland was crowded, but we still hit 4 rides, the parade, and the fireworks show all in 4 hours. Posted by Hello

Permission to climb aboard Captain Stubbing? Have you ever seen a head more briliant than this one? Posted by Hello

The parade is about to begin. I think this is the best part about visiting Disneyland! The kids are so excited about it too! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I bought a ball and a bat today. Connor was soo excited, that he wanted to sleep with it. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Full Swing Set!

Here we go; Today I unveil the entire swing set in its full glory! Prepare to have fun!

The swing set was compleeted two weeks ago. Here it is in it's full luster, adorn with kids! Posted by Hello

Megan, driving (I don't know what they are supposed to be driving, but every kid loves to try it). Notice the cat in her clutches, she loves that thing. Posted by Hello

Have you ever seen a more happy face? Posted by Hello

Hearty and her chewed up ball. The store said they've never seen a dog ruin one. Well, I need to take Hearty back and show them what she has done to this thing. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 01, 2005

"No Way" Hans Ray stops by for bring your kids to work day.

Shimano is an awesome place to work. For the anual bring your kids to work day, the made arrangements with "No Way" Hans Ray to stop by and entertain the kids. Hans loves to hop and bounce around, and the kids loved to watch. Penina's daughter even raised her hand to be the subject for Hans to jump over. It was fantastic.

Before the tricks starts Hans gives a breif talk about safety and how these kids shouldn't try this at home. Posted by Hello

It's crazy how high Hans can hop! He also hopped across the three pilars to the right, my photo didn't turn out that great. So you get this mid air jump. Posted by Hello

Here we go with the hoping and bouncing all over to scare the audiance and this girl. Hans the forever entertainer always puts on a great show. Posted by Hello

"Watch out I can't stop!" screams Hans. Posted by Hello