Sunday, March 23, 2008

Connor makes some PJ's... I mean Dr. Two Brains.

I was out of the country most of March (10th to the 19th), and on the afternoon of the 19th while I was hanging out in SFO airport, Jenny emailed me her conversation with Connor - Enjoy...

We were driving home from the gym (oh my gosh, my legs are jello) and this is our conversation:

Connor: "Mom, why does dad wear his underpants to bed?"
Mom: "What do you mean? You wear your underpants to bed?"
Connor: "No I don't."
Mom: "Oh, you mean why doesn't dad wear pajamas to bed?"
Connor: "Yeah, why does he only sleep in his underpants?"
Mom: "I think he gets too hot in pajamas."
Connor: "Oh. Mom, I'm going to get the sewing machine and sew him some special freezing green pajama bottoms so he won't get hot. The pants will have a special spongy pad to keep the pants cold."
Mom: (laughs hysterically) "What a good idea Connor."
Connor: "Mom, I'm going to say, 'Dad' and he's going to say, 'What is it son?' and then I'm going to give him his freezing green pajama pants and he's going to get a big smile on his face and say, 'Thank you so much Dr. Two Brains, I love them.'"

I'm still waiting for the PJ's...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mallory hits the big time!

I meant to post these before I left for Taiwan and Japan, but late is OK when the pictures are this cute. Little Miss Mallory turned 2 on the 10th. She was given countless princes shoes, a princess wand of power (when she has it, every kid in the house wants a turn with it...), and feather boa (which if it hasn't already been destroyed by the kids, then the dog will surely eat it in the coming weeks).

Here she is casting a spell of cuteness.
Testing out the shoes
Making a birthday wish!
Just being cute!
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Sunday, March 02, 2008

The California Poppy is back!

The hills surrounding our home are swollen with flowers. We live in a desert and when it rains for an extended period of time the hills turn green with new growth and these California Poppy's show up everywhere. They are just beautiful. There are also some purple flowers high up on the hills - too far to walk up to, but the ones close to the roads served their purpose today, as we got some fantastic photos of the kids. Unfortunately we can rarely get all 3 of them to look into the camera all at the same time. One day, I'll get some skills and figure out how to cut and paste their heads into one nice family photo.






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Megan's Baptism

One of the special things about turning 8 is you get to choose to be baptized. Megan wasn't stopped talking about being baptized since late last year it seems. We are so proud of her for making this choice, and setting a good example to her brother and sister.





Jenny's friend Marcy made a special 'CTR' cake. CTR stands for Choose the Right, it's a symbol that reminds us to think of Christ and make wise choices.

Megan turns 8 and goes Bowling

It's crazy to think that this year Jenny and I will celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary, let a lone that we have an 8 year old child. Well it's true, Megan is now 8. She begged and pleaded with us to let her have a bowling party, and we couldn't deny her that wish. I think Mallory had more fun than the other kids. From the moment we got there she didn't stop yelling about all the balls. She was so determined to go bowling, that she even picked up a 12 lbs ball and tried to walk with it to the lane...
Crazy Megan!

Say Cheese!

Megan's friends had a blast!
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Ummm... Why?

The kids thought it would be a good idea to decorate the room like a spider web. Apparently this idea came from a Curious George episode. Now I can understand and I even support not letting kids watch some TV programs, but not letting them watch PBS seems a little harsh - maybe I should write them a letter, then again, if I write them a letter, they will get my address and start sending me letters requesting donations... Plus I'm lazy.

Mallory found mom's makeup drawer - guess she's growing up EMO.

Now this one I like! If you know me you know I complain about my back. Generally I'll sacrifice it for a good donkey ride, and let the kids jump all over me. Well Connor is taking one for the team here, I think Mallory likes this ride better, she is closer to the ground, and it won't hurt as bad when she falls off.
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