Monday, September 11, 2006

Connor's team is The Sharks! Before they picked what the team name was, they gave us 5 different ones to choose from. When I asked Connor if he wanted his soccer team to be named one from the list he said, "No, I want it to be called SOCCER TEAM!" We are now working on our comprehension skills. Posted by Picasa

If this photo had music playing along with it, you would be hearing The March of the Elephants in the back ground. At this point the ball is half way down the field going into our goal. Of course we don't keep track of points, but we got spanked! Posted by Picasa

Megan's team is the Tigers. Check out the coach's Tiger claws! Yikes! Posted by Picasa

Megan is getting ready to block the kick! She got to play as the goalie for part of their first game. We didn't realize how large of a field they will play on this year. It's more than 5 times larger! Megan was short of breath the entire game, but she said she had fun! Posted by Picasa

Megan's first day of 1st grade!

Well it's official. Megan started 1st grade August 28th. I missed the first day as I was traveling for work. Megan made me feel special though, she remembered that last year I gave her a special blessing before she started school, and she asked me to make sure to give her a blessing when I came home.

First day of 1st grade! Posted by Picasa

Have you ever seen a dog sleep with their feet up? Posted by Picasa

The cousins went to the beach as well. Dad was at work :( Posted by Picasa

More Happy baby! Posted by Picasa

A while back we went to Sea World with all the cousins. The next photo half the kids are crying, because we are heading home... Posted by Picasa

Connor aspiring to his first job as a School bus driver! Posted by Picasa

Arrg - Tie the scurvy dog to the yard arm. Posted by Picasa