Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Connor got student of the month and we got to come have lunch with him on the stage

Jacob (our neighbor) and Connor
Connor and proud papa
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Teaching Art Masterpiece in Megan's class. We did Indian portraits.

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Sassy girls

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Decorating pumpkins and the finished products

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Daniel has the bull by the horns...ha ha ha.

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Connor said, "Look mom, I'm in a sewage pipe"

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I could not stop laughing at Daniel in the goat. He was bleeting too.

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At the Pumpkin Patch

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Fall Break in Cali

In Arizona we get a fall break so we decided to go home to Cali. We went to Needles, played with cousins, went to the museum and Knott's and had a really fun time. Daniel played poker with Aaron, hung out with bike buddies, and went to the Butthole Surfer's (I really hate that name) concert with Larry (in memory of Jeff).

Leinad and Yrral at the Elohttub Srefrus Concert

Wild West Show at Knott's Berry Farm

Naomi and Connor riding together

Pull Malibu, pull

Ready to go

In the front, so brave.

On the ferris wheel

What's your 20?

At the Discovery Science Center

Mallory and Connor testing out high and low frequencies

Megan was trying to draw her dad on the computer


We met the cousins in Needles and camped out on a peninsula by the river. We had our own little beach and swam, played on the jetskis, dug a big hole, went on the boat and had way too much fun.

Dad and the girls. Hearty had so much fun in the water.

D and Mal on the jetski

Meg and Avery

Isaac, Avery, and Sarah (Avery was laughing so hard)


Mal and me

I'm up! Yay!

Mallory and Avery getting their spa treatments: mud bath, exfoliating, and seaweed wraps

Decade dance

The first Friday in October, Megan and Connor's school had a decade dance. It was loud and there were lots of kids. That's about all I have to say about it. The kids had fun though.

Connor breakdancing

Megan's posse

The girl's got moves

Vegas and Tucson

At the end of September Daniel had to go to Interbike for work. He was gone for a week giving bike demos, seeing reps, saying hi to old friends, checking out all the new stuff and whatever else he does on his work trips. He also had some pretty cool Pivot lunch boxes made. I'll have to get a picture of them.

While he was gone we had our ward camp out. We all really wanted to go so I packed up the kids and headed to the mountains in Tucson. I thought it would be rocks and dirt but it was gorgeous. Lots of pine trees and greenery which is my favorite. I even put up the tent all by myself. I don't have any pictures because Daniel had the camera with him but it was lots of fun.

Pivot tent

Campout in the backyard

Connor's first month of school was rough. He just wanted to do his own thing. The teacher has a color system to let you know how the kids behaved each day. Connor was not coming home with good colors. After much frustration and thought we tried to come up with a reward system that would be motivational enough for Connor. This was the first reward: sleeping in the backyard in the tent. He loves camping. We told him that if he came home with a good color everyday that we'd have a camp out. It worked. Hooray! Of course our problems aren't over but we've seen improvement and that's a start.

Campfire in the backyard

Toasting marshmallows