Friday, May 25, 2012

Radiohead Concert

These boys loved Radiohead.  I think Wayne was the one who found and loved them first, but Jeff and Daniel quickly followed.  The picture in this picture is actually from the last concert that we went to together: REM...another favorite of the brothers.  As you can see from the picture, Wayne is sick and Jeff is so healthy and vibrant.  We had no idea that a few short years later he'd be following his brother, Wayne.  I know seeing Radiohead is always terribly bittersweet for Daniel.  He misses his brothers every single day, but on days like this I can tell the pain is right on the surface.  So, I decided that Wayne and Jeff needed to be with us in spirit during this concert.  I put this picture in my back pocket during the concert...certainly not where they would have preferred to be...but, oh well.  It made the experience more special because I felt a little closer to them.

Phoenix Zoo

Mallory's Rapunzel Party

 All our little princesses

 Making Pascal blowers and crowns

 Pin the frying pan on Flynn

 Iron-on beads

 Yes, that's her brother trying to blow out the candles!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rapunzel Party - Set-up

Thank you, Grammy, for making the hair!

 My sweet Rapunzel

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

Connor playing baseball

 Connor with his team - the A's

Late night game

Megan's 12 Birthday Party - Survivor style

 Picked teams, got their buffs, and designed team flag

 First endurance challenge - who can balance the longest?

 Food challenge - eating donuts from a fishing pole

 Accuracy challenge - throwing water balloons at a bulls-eye

 Personal challenge - how well do you know Megan?

 Another accuracy challenge - get the rubber band
 in the bucket

 Intellectual challenge - solve the puzzle

Survivor Birthday Party - Set-up

My outdoor boy

This is an example of the hilarious things Connor loves to do on a Saturday morning.

My manuscript - a la Little Women style

Hopefully someday soon I'll write those query letters and send this baby out!