Monday, April 09, 2007

Kids playing cute.

I don't think this one needs an explanation.
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This one is for my friend at Shimano.

Here you go Dan!

Easter Eggs!

Get ready... Set - hey wait I didn't say go! Oh well...

Megan has to be the fastest at everything.

Not to be out done - Connor runs to the closest egg.
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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Scott and Amy's Wedding

The newly weds, walking out of the Newport Temple.

Miss Mallory, and her lovely mother!

The 2 best dancers of the evening - shiny head guy, and Mallory!
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The decorations!

For the car of course!






The helpers!


The final product!
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The get away...

Scott and Amy thought they were so cleaver, trying to leave early - without announcing it to anyone... Hmm, looky looky.


Scott removing the bottles we tied to the bumper - "We don't want to get a ticket, both of them cried..."


They quickly get in the car... NOT! They actually cleaned off the car by using the TP we spent hours affixing to the car.


Aaron, stealthily re-attaches the 2 - 2 liter bottles - full of soda so it sprays all over the freeway...


Good bye for now! Or at least until they need some more money!
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Party time at Penny Pickle!


Miss Malibu Lou!


Megan thinks she is so cool driving this car, check her out driving with one hand...


Now she is passing on the inside! Nascar future? I don't think we live close enough to a trailer park for that to happen.


Of course Connor thinks he is equally as cool as Megan!
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Connor at the helm of a hot air balloon.


Megan, Nicole and Naomi getting ready to have fun!


I can't see a thing?


Can you please stop the hammering!
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Welcome back to work!


This is what I find hanging above my desk when I returned from the Taipei show last week...

I'm not sure if my co-workers are saying that I'm a clown, or if I'm frightening like a clown...
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