Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mallory Grace Limburg

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Friday we welcomed Mallory Grace Limburg into our family. Jenny gave birth to her via C-section. Which was a blessing in disguise, since Mallory was breached, and had the cord around her neck.

She weighed in at 8 lbs 3 oz, and is 21 in long. She was born 7:45 am, March 10th 2006 at Corona Memorial Regional Medical Center (which is just a fancy name for a dinky clinic). We lucked out and got a private room, and I've been able to stay the nights there. I think I've gotten a total of 6 hours sleep over the last 3 days. Any who, I just came home to post some photos and give Connor a bath. I'm sure Jenny and my mom would like me back, so I gotta go.

Mallory's first photo. Look at her gooey eyes. Posted by Picasa

Mallory just before her hospital photo. Posted by Picasa

Here is my forehead, and our 3rd and last installment to the Limburg family. Posted by Picasa

Connor was a bit nervous to meet his new sister. He eventually warmed up to her, and wanted to touch her cheek. Posted by Picasa

Megan holding Mallory, and Jon holding them both. Call me captain obvious, but that is exactly what's happening. Posted by Picasa

Mimi and Mallory. Posted by Picasa

Megan had her tonsil pulled on Jan 13. This is the only photo we took of her, oops. Any who, everything went well, and now we can't even hear her when she sleeps. The Dr. said her tonsils were huge! Posted by Picasa