Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter time!!! Posted by Picasa

Megan and Ethan on the merry-go-round. Posted by Picasa

Connor and Isac on the merry-go-round. Posted by Picasa

For what ever reason Connor wanted to wear his bumble bee outfit today, then Isac wanted to wear it, so naturally I put it on Hearty. Posted by Picasa

Here's a drawing Megan made of the family. The scan over exposed the drawing, and you can't see the extra long arms. Notice the eye for fashion Megan has, the girls are in purple and the boys in green. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

dah baby, oh yeah and Megan. Posted by Picasa

By now you should know who is in the photos, I'm wondering if I need to continue announcing my children's names...  Posted by Picasa

Connor and a crying baby. Posted by Picasa

BABY! Posted by Picasa

Mallory's first bath, well actually this photo is of her first drying off with this silly bunny eared towel. Posted by Picasa

Megan and a very red faced Mallory. Posted by Picasa

Yeah dolphins! Posted by Picasa

Before we had Mallory we went whale watching some time if Feb. All we saw were dolphins. Posted by Picasa

Here are a few blasts from the past, or at least from a few months ago. Here is Megan at her Valentine performance. Posted by Picasa