Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mallory is 1 years old!

Here she is in the arms of her Grammy, opening the best box in the world - who cares what's inside, this box has some noisy plastic on it she wants to rub!


OH! So Cute! When she opened this bear, she wouldn't stop hugging it! She would give it a big hug, then look at it's face, then hug it agian!


Of course she didn't blow out the candle herself, Isaac and Connor did that for her!

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Cake face and Robots!

As soon as the candle was blown out, Mallory's hand was in the cake and back to her face!

She makes her daddy so proud!


"In a distant time, children will work together and build a giant cyborg. Robot Parade, Robot Parade, Robots obey what the children say!"

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Disneyland and my hat

Mallory loved crawling in this tunnel.


The Buzz Brigade.


Apparently the movie "Life Aquatic" didn't translate well for the wife, she hates the way I run my beanie.

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Disneyland for Mallory's 1st Birthday!

It was a perfect day, no one was a pest, we were all bugged only for a moment...


Everyone who likes to spin till you barf please be seated.


If you can't tell by Megan's face, she is terrified... We are about to take off on Soaring Over California. Megan remembered that she liked this ride midway through, and Connor loved it!

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Megan's Birthday - I can't believe we have a 7 year old kid!

Jenny, oh so proud of her Megan!


The party is about to begin!


Did someone just make a horse noise?



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Gone on a Business Trip.

I went to the hand made bike show the beginning of March. Here is my favorite bike, and it was my favorite last year as well. I think the rear wheels cost about $600.


Mallory didn't want to let me go. Seriously, she held me and patted my back for 20 min, and cried when I set her down. It's fun being loved and missed!

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The young ones?

Mallory has some crazy hair.

Dad and the kids.


Mallory loving her brother. Note that a ladies ability to multi task starts young, not only is Mallory taking care of a sleepy Connor, but she is also making dinner.

Connor taking Mallory for a ride in a newly found toy - Tupperware!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Megan and the tire swing

It seems there are a lot of places for you to "rest" while at Disneyland's California Adventure, but it nevers seems like you actually do any resting.

If the line wasn't so long, Megan would have spent half the day here.

Mallory in a tunnel

This one is a little long, but we like it cause Mallory is our adventurer, seems she will go anywhere as fast as she can.

Connor the ham

Connor insisted that I put this video up. He felt left out...

Do you feel better now?

Bumper Cars!

Still at Disneyland - actually at California Adventure, where the adventure is really in how to avoid spending your childs college funds in 1 day.

These have to be the slowest bumper cars in the world, at least the kids were having fun!

Megan the Monkey

Here is my wonderful 7 year old, acting like a monkey!

And my mom said she wanted to buy me a monkey once I had kids to pay me back. Look at all the money I'm saving her.

Mallory's first Steps

We actually caught some of Mallory's first steps on February 25th. Here is the shortest clip of her walking. Sorry about my mublings at the end...

Taiwan Crosswalk

When I went to Taiwan in December I took this video of the crosswalk signs. I thought my kids would enjoy it... Now you can enjoy it too!