Sunday, January 27, 2008

Monster Jam!

Aaron got a bunch of tickets for Monster trucks again this year. I decided to bring Megan, and I invited my friend Billy to come - he brought his daughter Payton. We had tons of fun. Most of the group lucked out, and were sitting just under the awning so they didn't get wet. I on the other hand was half covered by the awning, so my legs were getting rained on. Luckily Aaron brought some trash bags so I didn't get too wet.

We also got Pit passes, and took a few photos next to our favorite trucks.
Here we have Monster Mut - Megan's favorite cause it's driven by a girl.

Donkey Kong is a new truck this year, and the kids thought it was Curious George.

Here we have Grave Digger - the line to get a photo with the driver was over an hour long, so we snuck around back and took this one...

This is the only action shot of the evening that came out halfway decent - the rain prevented me from taking others. Aside from the rain, we had a fun time - and look forward to doing it again next year!
Megan was hoping this one smelt like a Banana.

Out of my way Hippie!

Excuse me I'm racing here!

Megan liked this truck the best, since the driver was a girl.

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Like Father Like Son

My mom tells me this story of when I was 6 years old, I took my old shoes and nailed them to some 2x4's and made my self some skis. Check out Connors idea... I swear thoughts and ideas must be transferred genetically.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Grade School Joke - the kids actually get.

A few weeks ago Megan asked me to tell her a joke. I figured all of the good jokes I know a kid won't get - so I remembered this one where you ask a kid a question and hope to get the right response, this is how it goes:

I asked, "Megan? What were you eating under there?
Megan was sitting on the couch and wasn't eating anything
She responded with "Under where?"
So I laughed at her and said "You were eating your Underwear?!?"
She couldn't stop laughing and tried to tell me how she wasn't eating her underwear, and that she wasn't eating anything...

I loved it cause she actually realized that 2 words could sound the same and mean something totally different and if you think someone means the other word then, well you get the picture... It was perfect.

So, Megan must have told Connor the joke, cause the other day Jenny asked him the same question of "what are you eating under there?" Connor's response was, "UNDER PANTS!"